Sustainability Practices


Handmade and crafted by indigenous artisans from all over the world, the Into the Woods products are created to inspire and ignite a sense of love and wonder for the natural world.

Every purchase from Into the Woods helps support tribes from all over Indonesia and South America, where Into the Woods founder Catherine Woods helps create jobs for artisans to help them support their families and sustain their communities. Through their work, these people are able to preserve their culture, identity and traditions. These types of skills have been passed down ithrough the generations, and preserving them is very important.

Each bag takes about 3-4 days to design and create once the raw materials are ready. Twice a week skilled artisans who have learned to harvest palms from the mountainsides of Indonesia and Colombia bring bunches down from the mountains, where they are hand-dyed and left to dry for several days. Once dry, these palms are woven into intricate patterns and shapes you will find in Into the Woods products.

Inspired by her mother, Kate Bowes, Catherine Woods wants to inspire and ignite a sense of love, passion and freedom that can be shared with future generations.

Give Back

As a symbol of our love and appreciation, with each purchase of the Love Heart "Mary Kate" Into The Woods donates 10% of the proceeds directly to the Heart of The Hamptons, whose mission is to help people in the local community who are in need, in a dignified manner, without discrimination. #sharethelovebag

Every dollar you spend benefits the indigenous communities that spend over a week working in crafting each bag and accessory. We want to share the beauty of these accessories with the world as we bring awareness to these tribes. Though their own one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, we can help preserve their culture for many generations to come!